4 Things You’ll Laugh About When You Hit The Beach

The beach isn’t just an amazing place to get some sun, sand and rest and relaxation, but it’s also a hot spot of people watching! Sure, you brought a good book, a trashy novel or your surfboard and friends to amuse yourself with, but people watching is as much fun as working on catching a wave or building your summer tan.

Here are 4 things you’ll laugh about when you hit the beach. Just make sure you’ve got a goodpair of sunglasses to keep people from noticing you’re looking at them!


1- The Toddler Meltdown:

There’s nothing more horrifying for the parent and sometimes, the audience, than the toddler meltdown. But something about an exhausted child who is adamant about his beach towel or sand castle construction can be amusing…as long as the meltdown isn’t too loud or long…

In the meantime, say a prayer for the parents!


2- The Fashion Choices:

Well, some people have no shame or complete confidence…it all depends on how you slice it. Either way, you’ll get an interesting show on the beach that can be pretty colorful. Some of it you’ll wish you could « unsee » but from inappropriate speedos to interestingly placed tattoos and other sights, you’ll get in a good chuckle or too. Just be careful you’re not one of the people worthy of such a laugh and never make it obvious. Being rude is not cool. Just a little PSA…

3- The Overly Affectionate Couple:

Really, get a motel! 

Have you ever had that thought while watching couples on the beach? Some of them seem to forget that there are no « four walls » out on the sand and the PDA is rocketing off the charts. You sort of wish the parents of that toddler with the meltdown would tell Overly Affectionate Couple to just chill, before they give Junior a sex ed lesson.

Either way, it can get rather amusing. 


4- The Beach Serenader:

There’s always one guy or gal who’s off belting a favorite song with the music blasting from a phone or radio, if he or she is old school. While you might mildly wish for ear plugs, you get a kick out of the show. Of course, this isn’t « America’s Got Talent, » but you’ll give a little clap anyway. 


People-watching at the beach is fun! You can even do a little eavesdropping if the waves stink, or perhaps your cherished summer novel is a total tanker. Whatever you do, there’s nothing like a day at the beach to forget your troubles and to also remind you…be careful where you place your tattoos or years later, you might find it drifting down your body!Wink.